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Exterior Painting Services

There is nothing better than the fresh clean appearance of a home that has just been painted. The application of a new paint color can update a home without having to do any major remodeling or major alterations.

If you have decided that your home of business is ready for a face lift give Baires Construction Miami a call and we will have you looking new in no time at all.

Exterior Painting Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp

Painting the exterior of a home is much more involved than simply putting up a ladder and slapping on some paint. Preparation is key to the successful outcome of any painting job and that includes the exterior of your home or business.

When Baires Construction Miami comes out to paint your exterior we will ensure that the exterior surfaces that are to be painted are clean and free of dirt, mildew and any loose paint.

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House Painter Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp

We will also use all of the proper tools necessary to scrape the areas free of excess or peeling paint. We will take the time needed to fill in any holes or cracks to ensure that the surface is smooth for a truly flawless finished product.

Next we will be sure the tape of and cover all of the areas that are not to be painted to protect them and then apply a primer on any areas that may need it.

Interior Painting and Trim Work

The painting process itself is relatively similar on the interior as the it is with the exterior. It will be professionally done with the most modern equipment available.

Often it is most time and cost effective to spray paint most of the surfaces, remember that we have already taken the time to protect and cover the areas that are not to be painted and that includes the floors, landscaping and ground coverings.

Trim Work Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp
Room Addition and Interior Painting Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp

We will then follow up with the paint brushes and rollers to complete the job in the more intricate areas.

That is not where we leave it though, we believe in leaving the area inside and around your home in pristine condition, this is why we will wait until the paint has dried enough to remove any tape or coverings leaving crisp clean edges behind.

Sheet Rock – Drywall Installation

When discussing the interior of the home there are time when the drywall needs to be repaired, replaced or installed prior to painting. Baires Construction Miami specializes in the drywall installation process so you can count on a superior level of craftsmanship.

The drywall process is not as easy as slapping up the cheapest drywall available. It is very important to have a professional install your drywall because they will understand the proper type of product to use.

There are a variety of different types of drywall and choosing the right option depends on the purpose of the room being worked on. When speaking about drywall most people think of the regular drywall which is the most economical option in many cases.

Drywall Installation Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp

The Green Board is used for bathroom, kitchens and laundry rooms due to the fact that it is moisture resistant, blue board has a high mold resistance and is not used with tape and mud, and type x drywall is also none as fire resistant drywall which is used in garages, apartments and other rooms where the code requires its use.

Let the professionals at Baires Construction Miami worry about which type of drywall and painting method is best for your needs. Give us a call today to talk about your next project!

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