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When we come to your home to take care of a project for you we are not just there to ‘do the job’ we are there to SERVE YOU and to make sure the project is completed the way you want it completed.

When we work with you for your Miami flooring needs or any other home related service, repair, maintenance or installation need, at Baires Construction Miami our number one priority is your satisfaction!

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Tile Installation

If you are looking at a form a tile as your flooring choice there are a large number of different varieties to choose from. To start, there is ceramic tile, this can be either non-porcelain or porcelain. ceramic tile is extremely difficult to crack or break, when sealed or if it is glazed it is water resistant. 

Another choice of tile would be those of the natural stone varieties. These include granite, limestone, marble, travertine and slate. While each of these options are beautiful and add a new level of character to any home it is important to chose the right tile for each particular room.

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For example, slate and granite are both extremely dense and durable so they make great choices for kitchen flooring. On the otherhand marble, limestone and travertine (a form of limestone) are more porous and are less suitable for heavy traffic areas and kitchens. Baires Construction is ready to help you with your tile projects from start to finish.

Baires Construction is ready to help you with your tile installation projects from start to finish.

Tile Installation Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp
Tile Regrout Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp

Tile Regrout Services

If you currently have tile installed on your floors, counters or tile in your bathroom but it looks old and dingy regrouting may be a more cost efficient solution than completely replacing all of the tile. By choosing to regrout instead of retile you instantly rejuvenate the appearance of your room, for a fraction of the cost you have a room that is once again beautiful to look at.

In addition to improving the appearance of your existing room re-grouting will also help by removing any potential health issue which come with the existence of mold or mildew.

Wood Flooring

This type of flooring is not only a very attractive option, but it it should also be considered an investment in your home that will last for more than one generation if it is cared for properly over time. It is very important to understand that a pivotal part of hardwood installation is the acclimation process.

You acclimate the hardwood flooring by placing the open packages of the flooring into the room or area where it is to be installed for about five days. This process will allow the wood to adjust to the moisture level in the room, allowing it to expand or contract prior to installation is critical to a flawless installation process and a beautiful room when completed.

Wood-Laminate Installation Miami FL. 33179-Baires Construction Corp

Laminate Flooring

Due to the higher cost of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring has become one of the most popular and affordable alternative. In addition to being an affordable option it is also an extremely durable option, making it the perfect choice for homes with pets and active children.

Another advantage laminate offers is the speed and ease of installation. While is can be installed by homeowners that like to do it themselves it is still a very good idea to have the flooring installed by an experienced expert who knows how to handle any unexpected issues that may crop up.

Baires Construction, Your Miami Flooring Experts!

No matter which flooring type you are looking at, or whether you are looking for flooring installation or repair you can count on the flooring experts at Baires Construction Miami.

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